Healing Ministry
at St. John’s

Jesus healed. He healed anyone who came to him in need. He reached out and touched people who were paralyzed, had skin diseases, epilepsy, and bone deformities, to name just a few. He even brought back to life several people who had died. He healed people of shame and loneliness, and he forgave sins. The name Jesus, in Hebrew, means “God heals.”

As a Christian community, we are called to healing prayer, and at St. John’s, healing prayer is offered at every regular liturgy. And we have seen God’s hand mighty to save, as we hear testimonies of relationships healed, tumors abating, bones healing more rapidly than expected. We know that God is always loving, and we give thanks for all kinds of ways that God heals.

Healing Conference
May 2012

At the heart of the Christian Gospel is a message about wholeness and healing in Christ. Learn more about healing prayer and God’s Kingdom at this weekend conference hosted by St. John’s.

Fri. May 18 – Sat. May 19

Guest Speaker:
Rev. Mike Endicott
Order of Jacob’s Well, Wales, UK

For more information, download the brochure (PDF) or a flyer.